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Course Fees:

Course Fees:


Course Eligibility:

Course Eligibility:

Candidate must have completed bachelor's degree in B.A./BCA/B.Sc. (Statistics or Mathematics or Computer Science) /B.E/B.Tech.

About The Course:

The M.Sc in Data Science program at CU is an online degree program that is designed to provide candidates with both academic knowledge and practical experience in the rapidly changing field of Data Science. It is designed to provide in-depth and applicable skills in both traditional fields of data engineering and analysis, such as business, finance, industrial, and scientific research, as well as in more contemporary areas, such as social data analysis and big data. Learners are equipped with core knowledge from industry experts and professionals, along with relatable examples, simulations, and practical projects.

Course Structure

Subjects Credits
SQL Programming 4
Advanced Database Management Systems 4
Communication and Soft Skills 3
Python Programming 4
Applied Probability and Statistics 4
Total Credit 19
Subjects Credits
Calculus and Linear Algebra for Data Scientists 4
Deep Learning 4
Data Analysis and Visualization 4
Machine Learning 4
Advanced Machine Learning 4
Total Credit 20
Subjects Credits
Web Technologies 4
Optimization 4
Java Programming 3
Data Structures and Algorithms 5
Cloud Native Development 4
Minor Project (Software Dev) 2
Total Credit 22
Subjects Credits
Natural Language Processing 4
Data Engineering 4
Data Mining and Warehousing 4
Applied Business Analytics 4
Major Project 4
Total Credit 20

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Course Fee

Admission Fee: INR 500

Course Fee: INR 30,000 (Per Semester)

25% Early Bird Discount on Programme Fee

Master of Science (Data Science) SEM I
Course Fee (Discounted) 22,500 22,500 22,500 22,500
INR 1,20,000 After Early Bird Discount INR 90,000